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Simply put, it’s a whole other level. As you know traffic is the life blood of any online (or offline) business and the more targeted visitors you bring to your website, the more money you’re going to earn. Period….but everything is changing constantly, almost on a daily basis.

And that means that every day, there are new methods, new strategies, new sources to getting traffic and making more money that nobody really knows about.

This is the insider’s track….. Elite is for those that want ONE-ON-ONE tools, Live Trainings & Personalized Support!

You get to look over our shoulders every month as we test new ideas, new methods, new tactics, new sources and new techniques to uncover the latest strategies for bringing in avalanches of new traffic and revenue.

See, this is where you really elevate yourself to the top 1% of marketers who really understand traffic.

In fact, you will be a “traffic ninja”. But even more importantly, you will master CONVERSIONS and become one of the most magnetic marketers on the planet. I’m talking about being able to do what 99.999% of other marketers will never understand, let alone do!


Access to Dot Com Reporter: Our proprietary rating tool that allows our members to rate comment and review various traffic sources around the web. These user reviews will help you avoid most of the pitfalls that many marketers make when choosing a third party to work with. (This service is normally $97.00 per month and is included FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL OF OUR ELITE MEMBERS. )

Priority Red-Carpet Support: Got questions? Why stand in line when you can get special VIP treatment – connect with a real person and get all of your questions answered FAST via phone support, online chat or priority email.

Access to Passive Income Streams in Project Breakthrough: As an elite you will have access to include your own affiliate ID in our Project Breakthrough program. This access opens the door to over 27 passive income streams for you to benefit from.

Access to HTA StartUP: This is our version of the hit TV Show “Shark Tank” on ABC. Our HTA StartUp program is designed to allow members of the WA Community a chance to submit their ideas to the owners and board of directors of HTA for consideration. We select a new idea each year and invest in that business to see it grow. We take it under our wing and give it one on one attention until it is off the ground.

Direct access to Faculty members, Jason & Vick: Yes, you will have direct access to the owners of HTA, HTA faculty and other top-level marketers and experts via a live webinar called “Marketing Roundtable” with guest speakers from time to time. You can ask any questions you want and get direct answers right on the spot. Our Webinars happen ever week and are packed with great content to help your marketing efforts along the way. (Others pay at least $5,000 for this type of luxury.)

New Traffic Sources: In depth analysis of new traffic media and sources we are going after, how we choose them and why we choose them. Knowing what you are going after and what to look for is the key to any effective online marketing program.

Access to Tools & Resources: We have gathered a series of tools to help you along your way. These tools and resources are ready to go and are referenced in many of the trainings that we offer.

Access to Archive Trainings: Our database of live trainings is extensive. As an Elite member you will have total and complete access to all the webinars and live trainings we have done before. Get caught up on the latest and greatest tips and trades to take your training to a whole new level.

Private Videos of Faculty and the Owners: USING our Traffic Locator System, we will help you find huge media buying opportunities, new traffic getting methods, create and put up new campaigns, optimize them and expand them!

Access to ‘MISSION 1000’: Watch over the shoulder of the faculty and owners of HTA as we go on a personal journey of going from zero to getting at least 1,000 leads per DAY. You get to see our every move: strategizing, picking an offer, creating a brand new campaign, setting up the hook, lead magnet, starting a campaign, running traffic, optimizing, scaling – everything is raw, unedited, real.

Access to Elite Monthly: Every single month you get a brand new, most current training on the latest strategies, traffic tactics, marketing ideas and more! These are broadcast live and open to you to see via replay at anytime.

Access to the Secret HTA Elite Lab: Watch over the shoulder of the faculty and owners of HTA as we locate and test brand new traffic getting methods with an offer and report our results. You get to see everything: traffic sources, clicks, opt ins and sales. No more guesswork!

Private Weekly LiveStreams: These webinars are available only to our Elite members and are often packed with the latest trends and trainings.

Total Access to the HTA Elite Community: 24/7 unrestricted access to HTA Elite Mastermind Community. This access is seen through Facebook forums (this one is priceless!)

• And much, much more!

The bottom line is that to be an HTA Elite Mastermind is a whole new world where the ultra-successful entrepreneurs and marketers hang out and get to be the first ones to ride huge waves of opportunity reaping huge rewards before the masses even find out about them.

If this is what you are looking for, activate your Elite Membership today.

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