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The Decisions That Define Us

The Most Miserable Trip of My Life Many years ago, I jumped at an opportunity to take a trip with my brother on his sailboat.  I thought it would be fun-ride the waves, drink some margaritas, etc.  Good times right? It turned out to be a horrible decision.   My brother had just learned to navigate by the stars and was all excited to try it out.  Unfortunately, he hadn’t exactly mastered the skill.  Because of his miscalculations we way overshot the intended harbor.  To reach our destination we had...
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Red, Yellow and Green Friends

Meeting Monday In my world, Mondays are meeting days.  One of the more important ones I participate in is our “Red, Yellow, Green” discussions.  This is where we look at the key projects and assign a color.  The color determines what we do with each project:   Green: The project is going better than expected; invest more people, time and money Yellow: The project is going as expected; no change in spending, people or time Red: Project is not (and has not) performed well; discontinue project as soon as possible...
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How Stories Improve Your Success with Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing success entirely hinges on your ability to attract an audience, and the way to do that is with compelling content. But what makes content compelling? That's a question that depends partly on an audience and partly on the subject material. While some are brought in by interesting discussion and data, others are drawn by strong visual imagery. But there is one thing that, regardless of audience preference, is effective every time—storytelling. Here's how stories help you improve your inbound marketing success. Stories connect your audience to the messaging....
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Can Somebody Explain Integrity?

“Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.” ― Oprah Winfrey Everybody’s Buzz Term It would be hard to find a major company in the United States that doesn’t have integrity as one of its core values.  Likewise, most senior executives, civic leaders and (believe it or not) politicians regularly talk about the value and importance of integrity. It seems everyone loves this value.  As a result, you would think almost every company and person, acts with great integrity-right? ...
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3 Tips to Build Your Client List Successfully

The effort to build your client list is what will keep your business going through good times and bad. It isn't the type of thing that ever allows you to rest on your laurels as any person or entity focused on business growth can tell you. That doesn't mean it has to be an arduous undertaking, however. In fact, building client list signees can be one of the most enjoyable parts of your job because it means other people can see the value in what you're doing, and what better...
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